The revolutionary range of CampMaid Camp Oven Solutions

Now available in Australia

Providing versatility, safety and ease to the camp oven experience, the CampMaid range uses a patented “Grab and Hold” design to secure your camp oven lid allowing you to remove it safely and to give you lots of options for new ways to use your camp oven.

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Camp oven cooking with the CampMaid range — totally portable, totally versatile, totally cool.

Camping usually means you eat hot dogs on a stick, cold sandwiches and not a lot of appetizing food. But what if it didn’t mean that? What if you could have grilled steaks and steamed vegetables, or homemade pizzas, or a full English breakfast? Would campfire food be more appealing? You just need your camp oven and the CampMaid tools and you’ll be cooking up all of this and lots more.
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The CampMaid solution all begins with the CampMaid Multi-Tool. The “Grab & Hold” system secures your lid, allowing you to lift the lid on and off while cooking or by setting it on the ground, or a table and out of the dirt; giving you a hands free holder. You can then take advantage of this by using it as a serving stand, with the hot coals keeping your food warm.

CampMaid’s Lid Holder doesn’t stop there, flip it over and now you can use your lid as a grill.

Light and portable, the CampMaid range can be used for all sizes of camp oven, and folds up and sits inside a 12 inch (9 quart) or larger camp oven – perfect for travelling.

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