Correct Use of your CampMaid Tools

1. CampMaid® Multi-Tool

Position the legs evenly and directly over the centre of your camp oven lid and push directly down. It’s best to have your camp oven placed on the ground or low counter top so you can push all the way down to hook the lid.

After you remove the lid, you can set it on the ground (it will hold it above the ground) or you can place it on a table then you can place your camp oven on top of the Multi-Tool and use it as a serving stand.  The charcoal on the top of the lid keeps your food warm from below at a safe distance from the handle spring.

You can also use the hook on the leg of the Multi-Tool to lift the camp oven out of the fire by hooking the handle of your camp oven and lifting the entire pot.

Your CampMaid® Multi-Tool fits all sizes and manufacturers  of camp ovens and also folds up and will fit in your 12 inch (9 quart) or larger camp oven.

2. CampMaid® Charcoal Holder

You can place BBQ briquettes in the CampMaid® Charcoal Holder and place it on the ground directly under your camp oven as a direct heat source.

You can use your CampMaid® Multi-Tool to remove the camp oven lid so it is secured on your Multi-Tool, and then flip it upside down to create a skillet. Once the Multi-Tool is flipped upside down with the spring handle on the bottom, you can attach your Charcoal Holder to the stand by clamping around the centre clip, directly below your lid skillet.

You can adjust the heat level by moving your Charcoal Holder up and down, depending on how hot you want to make your skillet.

Make sure to extend the handles of your Charcoal Holder out when it is filled is hot charcoal to prevent damage to the handles.

3. CampMaid® FlipGrill:

Hold your CampMaid® Multi-Tool in one hand, and your FlipGrill in the other hand, and line up the #2 leg of the Multi-Tool with the #2 tab on the FlipGrill. Then press the spring handle down to attach and hook onto the centre of the FlipGrill.

Flip the grill facing up so that the Multi-Tool is upside down, and attach the CampMaid® Charcoal Holder directly below the grill to add your heat source.

You can adjust the heat level by moving your Charcoal Holder up and down.

 4. CampMaid® Kick Stand:

Use the Kick Stand as a quick and easy way to remove the lid and to contain waste by dumping coals directly into a proper disposal.

Prop up the  Kick Stand with the lid attached to keep it off the ground or counter top while it cools down.

WARNING:  Improper use of your CampMaid® Tools can result in damaging your product or injury – please read before using:

  • Do not sit on the CampMaid® Multi-Tool or use it as a stool as it could result in injury.
  • Do not place the CampMaid® Charcoal Holder directly under the spring handle of the Multi-Tool as it will damage your product.
  • Do not place your CampMaid® tools directly in a fire. Use the hook on the leg of the Multi-Tool to safely hook the camp oven handle and remove the pot from the fire. Set the camp oven on the ground, then use your Multi-Tool to safely remove the lid.
  • Do not try to grab the lid with the Multi-Tool unless it is on the camp oven.
  • Do not try to take the lid off from the Multi-Tool unless it is on the camp oven.